15 year guarantee  New Roof Specialists                    

Here at Formby Roofing we are expert specialists in New Roof’s, and have over 20 years experience in doing so. Our new roofs are all fitted using maintenance free dry systems. As we use maintenance free products we are able to provide our customer with a 15 year guarantee.

Below we have provided information of each step and the process in completing a new roof.


Stripping Roof & Replace New Felt and Battens

This process occurs when you are having a new roof.  Your old roof will be stripped bare. New breathable membrane and tanalised treated battens are fixed into place.

Stripped Roof   roof with felt and battens


Lead Valleys / Flashings

 All Valleys are and flashings are replaced as required.         

 New roof in progress

Fixing Slates / Tiles

New tiles / slates are stacked onto the roof and are then fitted and fixed into place.

New tiled roof ing progress    new tiled roof



.  Gutter bonding is needed only with terraced or semi dethatched houses.  It is fitted to the adjoining neighbours roof. As you can see everything is put back into place.

gutter bonding  gutter bonding complete


Dry Verge Units are fitted

Dry verge units will be fitted where necessary and these are fitted on the gable ends of the roof.  If your roof is terraced then you will not require the dry verge units

Dry verge units 


Maintenance Free Dry Ridge Tile Systems

Maintenance free dry ridge tiles are the last to be fitted, it is a more efficient product than original ridgetiles, as they required cement to keep them in place. The cement holding the tiles together would often perished and require continuous maintenance.  The system we use today is totally maintenance free.

dry ridge tiles